How To Sharpen Your Golf Swing Before Hitting the Range

Fall is upon us, bringing with it cooler weather and an escape from the humidity. If you have been hunkering down in front of the AC all summer, now is the perfect time to dust off your clubs and get back out on the range.

Here are some quick tips to help you get your golf swing back into shape in time for your next visit to Buffalo Run Casino.

Adjust Your Alignment

When it comes to perfecting your swing, it starts before the club makes contact with the ball.

To begin, you need to adopt a proper swing stance. You should position your feet so that your weight is evenly distributed across the balls of the feet. Pull your hips back and angle your spine and upper body forward. For better stability, bend your knees.

It can be tricky to check your alignment by yourself. Make sure to ask a friend to spot you, to help you ensure your body is in the correct position.

Getting a Good Grip

Almost everyone has seen a rookie golfer go for a swing, and hit their club into something expensive, like their friend’s brand new car’s windshield. Let’s avoid a hefty claim (and major embarrassment) by making sure you have a proper grip on your club:

  1. Open your front hand so your palm is facing outward.
  2. Place the grip of the club diagonally across your fingers.
  3. Wrap your fingers around the grip.
  4. As though it were a hammer, swing the club upwards and downwards. You need to hold your club more with your fingers and less with your palm if you are having difficulty controlling the club.
  5. Take the other hand and touch your pinkie and thumb together to create an indent in your palm. Gently insert the thumb from your first hand into this indentation.
  6. Close your second hand around the club, ensuring to grip with your fingers rather than your palm.

Now you are ready to get swinging!

Some Final Secrets for a Great Golf Swing

Your shoulders should tip from the top, not be level. A mistake some players make is they turn their shoulders as if to look behind them. To swing like the pros, try tilting your shoulders as you turn them. When you turn, your left front shoulder should move down to the ground on a backswing.

Don’t let your arms dominate your swing. Keeping your back shoulder lower is the best strategy. Some golfers make the mistake of not tilting their shoulders. The result is level shoulders. Look at the shoulder tilt of the professionals when they swing. Their back shoulder is always a lot lower than their front shoulder at impact.

Don’t remain bent over at impact, instead, extend your torso with your follow-through. Notice how the pros become very long and tall in their chests and torsos when they follow through. By using their upper body, they are not limited to using only their arms. During your swing, envision yourself standing tall as if you were about to leap into the air.

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Whether you’re coming for the day or staying the week, there is always something exciting to do at Buffalo Run Casino & Resort. Check our tee times and book your next round today!